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Q:  I have a dress I would like to donate. It's in pretty good shape. How can I do that? 

A:  Donations can be dropped off during our annual event in NYC in March. We kindly request your understanding that the dress donations we receive are intended for discerning teenagers. As such, they require styles that are current and up-to-date and dry cleaned before donating them. We thank you for your support in helping us provide the best possible experience for the young individuals we serve. Please email with any questions. 

Q:  Do you accept suits or tuxedos, too?

A:  We certainly do! Every year, we have several requests for suits and tuxedos. 


Q:  Is my donation tax deductible? 

A:  Yes, we are a 501c3.

Q:  I’d like to donate monetarily. How will it be used?

A:  Monetary donations are used to support a range of initiatives, the various programs offerings, program materials, operational costs and supplies to ensure that we can continue to provide impactful programs to the youth we serve. Below is the link to support our efforts. 

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